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The 10 Steps to Achieving ROO / ROI – STEP 10

Blog 10 - Feedback your event results

ROO / ROI – Step 10. Communicate the results

The following is based on the principles of the Phillips Methodology which is a globally acclaimed model for achieving ROO/ROI in events.

You now have all the data, all the results, the ROI percentage and a full list of all the benefits. Look closely at the information and identify those areas where you did really well and produce a summary report.

Don’t be shy! Don’t just sit there smugly – go out and communicate them to all the key stakeholders, decision makers and budget holders. Let all the speakers and organising team know how they contributed to a successful event.  At the same time highlight all those areas where there is room for improvement and where messages could be delivered better. Equally, if there are any areas where there were unusually low scores and learning objectives fell short then maybe these need to be revisited and some additional work done to enhance the learnings.

What you should have is a set of information that will enable you to benchmark your next event against key criteria but also the makings of a blue print to establish a means to ensure all your events are developed to a very high standard.

Finally, having now concluded reviewing these steps you might be relieved to be reminded that it is by no means necessary to conduct a full ROO / ROI analysis on every meeting or event. Setting and evaluating the objectives to Level 1 (Intentions and Perceptions of your delegates) and 2 (Learning Objectives) will give you very valuable feedback as to the effectiveness of the event and if you can go to Level 3 (the application objectives) then you are in a very strong position.

The key thing to remember is always plan your event and all the sessions to achieve an ROO / ROI. Set and communicate the objectives to all the key speakers and contributors and explain that everything is being evaluated. Think about and use the engagement activities at your disposal to ensure maximum impact. If you do this as a minimum, then you will almost certainly achieve a successful event.

Good luck!

Author – Mark Saxby. Since joining the events industry I have championed Event ROO and ROI. This is something I was able to put to the fore as Chairman of Eventia (now EVCOM) during which time I was able to arrange for global ROI guru Jack Phillips to address an audience in London. I have run a series of Masterclasses for M&IT on Event ROO and ROI and spoken on the subject at various events throughout the world.

If you would like me to talk to you about this in relation to your events, then please contact me; or Tel: +44 (0) 7785 550088

Mark Saxby
Mark Saxby

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