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The 10 Steps to Achieving ROO / ROI – STEP 9

Blog 9 - What re the intangible benefits of your event

Step 9. Identify the Intangible Benefits

The following is based on the principles of the Phillips Methodology which is a globally acclaimed model for achieving ROO / ROI in events.  Here we are looking at identifying the intangible benefits that have derived from the meeting i.e. those that we cannot always attribute a financial value to but those items that we have measured through our evaluation.

These are areas such as;
– Enhanced networking between teams
– Improved team spirit
– Increased morale
– Greater team motivation
– Improved staff retention
– An intention to cascade the information to teams and colleagues
– A greater understanding of the company strategy and their role in achieving it
– A clear knowledge of what their targets are
– Improved knowledge on the organisation’s products and services
– Enhanced customer relationships
– Increased customer loyalty
– Enhanced brand awareness

As we touched on in Step 6 the value of, for example, improved staff retention is very difficult to measure but the benefit absolutely huge. The latter is the case for increased morale and greater team motivation and so it goes on. In other words, these benefits are huge and insignificant and should not be underestimated. More of this in Step 10.

Author – Mark Saxby. Since joining the events industry I have championed Event ROO and ROI. This is something I was able to put to the fore as Chairman of Eventia (now EVCOM) during which time I was able to arrange for global ROI guru Jack Phillips to address an audience in London. I have run a series of Masterclasses for M&IT on Event ROO and ROI and spoken on the subject at various events throughout the world.

If you would like me to talk to you about this in relation to your events, then please contact me;  Tel +44 (0) 7785 550088

Mark Saxby
Mark Saxby

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