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Founder Cheryl Clarke with New Executive Director Mark Saxby
Mark Saxby’s 60 Second Interview with C&IT Magazine

C2events Mark Saxby’s 60 Second Interview with C&IT Magazine

C&IT caught up with C2event’s new executive director Mark Saxby to see how he is finding the new role and what his plans are within the agency.

Why did you choose to join C2events?

When I left Universal World Events (now Ashfield) I was looking at various options and was on a 12-month lockout so had time to look around. I was aware of C2events because the founder, Cheryl Clarke, used to work for Universal World Events and I’d certainly heard a lot of very good things about her.

I started to do some consultancy for C2events and got to know Cheryl and the team well. I spoke to everyone in the business as part of a project and – to a person – everyone loves working for the company. There is a real sense of fun and as much as possible is done to achieve a work/life balance.

The company had a great reputation and some very good clients, but one of the things it hadn’t been doing a great deal of was telling people about itself and looking at business development in those sort of areas. I felt it was one of the best kept secrets in the events industry and there was a great deal of potential there to develop its reputation.

What does your new role entail?

I will be working with Cheryl to set the business objectives, vision and strategy for the agency. One of the key things I’ll look at is addressing the marketing and business development side of things, which had been relatively low key.

We have just launched a new website and have a social media plan in place, together with other activities aimed at raising the profile of the company, and I plan to engage as many members of the team in this as possible, as we feel social media is very important.

I am also establishing a number of key partnerships with companies that are outstanding at what they do and could complement us so we can increase the range of services we offer to clients.

What are you most excited about?

Being back in the industry after a 12-month lockout and getting back in the cut and thrust and excitement of delivering live events. I’m excited about being part of a business with such great potential and building on its reputation.

One of the other key things I’m really interested in is looking at how technology and other engagement techniques can help to enrich the overall experience of events to achieve ROI and I’m looking forward to training the team in those areas and sharing that knowledge with others.

For further information call Mark Saxby on 07785 550088 or Cheryl Clarke on 07702 492102