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Pharmaceutical regulation and compliance
Healthcare Events

Healthcare events

We have been managing international pharmaceutical and healthcare events from the day we were founded over 10 years’ ago and the experience of some of our team members is double that.

As you would expect, fundamental to everything we do is a thorough knowledge of the ever changing regulatory environment. We have extensive knowledge of the regulatory environment in the UK and internationally with a thorough day to day working knowledge of the ABPI, EFPIA and PhRMA codes as well as the Sunshine Act.

We understand the role of different meetings and events across the entire product life-cycle so we appreciate fully what the purpose of each is and its importance in the overall development process. We also have a full appreciation of the role and importance of all the key attendee groups.

Pharmaceutical Events we have experience in organising with Healthcare Professionals in attendance are:

•    Medical Education Meetings
•    Advisory Boards
•    KOL Meetings
•    Clinical trials meetings
•    Investigator meetings/ Monitors’ meetings
•    International Congresses
•    Symposiums
•    Product launches

Pharmaceutical Events we have experience in without Healthcare Professionals in attendance are:

•    Sales Conferences
•    Management meetings
•    Marketing meetings
•    Product launches
•    Incentives