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Digital Audience Engagement Technology

Digital audience engagement technology

Audience engagement technology has helped to put increasing focus on effective message delivery which is so important to achieving ROI. However there is always a danger that if not used properly and used for the sake of it technology can actually reduce the effectiveness of message delivery.

It was not so long ago that presenters were asking audiences to turn off their mobile devices, now it’s a case of asking them to turn them on. The debate as to whether to enable audiences to use their own devices vs providing them with pre-loaded one’s on the day lives on. Clearly cost is not an inconsiderable factor in this but the risk is always there that an email comes through from a key individual and the temptation is always there to open it and at that point the delegate is lost. Conversely, if using a tablet that has been provided then notes can be taken on it and emailed to the user after the event, presentation charts can be shown in sync with the presenter and, of course voting can take place and questions asked.

Using existing or bespoke apps we can enable audiences to ask questions pre-event, to vote on what topics they would like covered, to interact with speakers, to add to a Twitter wall – the options are endless but used carefully they can add a lot of value and considerably deepen the engagement of audiences so that they can take on board and retain key messages at the same time as enjoying the interactive experience.

Other technology options that can deepen audience engagement include Blippar, augmented reality, gamification, interactive digital media, open and closed social networks. The opportunities are endless and are growing – providing all are used properly then audience engagement can be significantly enhanced.