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Delegate Engagement

Delegate engagement

There are many reasons why organisations run events – staff communication, staff training, sales force motivation, product launches, continuous professional development, customer awareness, customer loyalty, customer feedback, stakeholder communication to name but a few.

A successful event that achieves a ROI or ROO should encourage, persuade or educate audiences to do something which will result in them applying their learnings within their organisations which will lead to a (financial) benefit to the organisation and is stakeholders.

Delegate engagement is a key tool to maximise the effectiveness of the event. We work closely with clients to help arrive at the best way to engage with their audiences to reach their objectives.

If an event is really going to engage with an audience every aspect of the audience needs to be studied in detail and analysed from the perspective of every facet of the event.

From a rational perspective, the age profile of the attendees will naturally help guide the best way to communicate to them to maximise their engagement. The most effective way to engage a predominantly Generation X audience (born between 1961 and 1981) is very different to how one would look to engage with a Generation Y audience (born between the early 1980s to the 2000s) or a Baby Boomer audience comprising those preceding Generation X.

This is not just down to the techniques and any technology that might be deployed to maximising the engagement but really importantly from an emotional point of view, it is down to the language tone and key messages that each will respond to. For an internal event, while communicating the company’s numbers, growth, future strategy and ambitions will make some feel positive about their own career opportunities and job security others will react equally positively to hear about the company’s green policy and what it is doing to put something back into the community from a social responsibility perspective.

But this can be overshadowed by macro events surrounding the company such as a recent merger or acquisition or the possibility of one, recent redundancies or the potential for them, a restructuring, a new CEO, and/or a change of strategy for the business. But they don’t all have to be one’s that are a cause for concern, there could be successive record profits and growth to celebrate, a landmark target being achieved or an exciting new product being launched.

All of this needs to be factored in to maximise delegate engagement.

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