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Event Technology
Event Technology

Event Technology

We all get incredibly excited about what that the latest technology can offer and there is a great temptation to be one of the first adopters. We never want to dampen this enthusiasm but we always ask two questions: Is the use of the technology simply technology for technology’s sake? And, Is it markedly going to increase the engagement of the delegates? Assuming the right answer to both questions then we are always keen to recommend using technology.

This section of our website covers;

Digital Audience Engagement Technology

  • A range of technology options to get messages across more effectively, deepen audience engagement and enhance ROI

Event Software

  • Software aimed at increasing the efficiency of the event management and logistics side of the event from an organisational and delegate communication perspective

Event Apps

  • Software, bespoke and off the shelf, aimed at increasing the efficiency, delegate communications and delegate engagement

AV & Production

  • Technology that will ensure presenters are clearly heard and seen and that graphics and visual content are conveyed in a striking way

Webcast, Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

  • The means to reach an extended or remote audience on a live or on demand basis or to run a meeting entirely virtually

Meeting Architecture

  • Engaging audiences in a compelling way without necessarily deploying technology at all