Delegate Engagement and Communication

We develop and deliver creative concepts to activate audiences and maximise the effectiveness of the event


Our team understands the communication process, from ascertaining how people think and make decisions through to influencing people’s thoughts and feelings.

 We use these predictable and sometimes irrational traits to design corporate solutions that impact an audience and genuinely make a difference to behaviours and mindsets.



Our engagement approach is designed to deliver against your specific objectives and aimed at creating memorable and stimulating experiences that activate your audiences.

We blend this approach with specialist sector knowledge to give our healthcare clients confidence that we can design great creative and engagement solutions within the strict lens of regulatory compliance.

Creative & Event Communications

"We use the best 2D, 3D, print and digital talent to ensure effective brand activation and meaningful engagement at every touch point; before, during and after live or virtual events."

Sophie Hopes, Senior Account Manager


Our creative approach to your events looks to engage every one of the five senses, creating a full-fledged experience that immerses delegates and has a long-lasting impact. We use a number of techniques to do this including:

Event Theming & Identities                                      

Animation & motion graphics

Brand activation                                                    

Event websites & apps

Content, copy writing & presentation design

Print & design         

Event Production

"Video, sound, lighting, staging…we’ve got it all covered! We have outstanding international AV partners that enable us to secure the best value for you, with full confidence in quality and flawless execution. We take care of all technical aspects and our finishing touches will give your event the ultimate ‘wow factor’."

Cheryl Clarke, Founder and Executive Director

We work really hard to make sure our event production brings ideas to life, adding value wherever possible, while providing reassurance from a delivery perspective. We build capable professional, collaborative teams so we can use a range of tools to deliver against the brief. Services include:

Stage set, design & build

Full production support

Broadcast solutions

Virtual & hybrid

Media & content

Film & Video

Event Technology

It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve. We’re always mindful of the bigger picture and looking for technology that can improve the way messages are delivered, connect with attendees, and create memorable event experiences.

With our forward-thinking approach and extensive expertise, using a number of different tools and techniques, we’re able to pull off a smarter, more effective event.

These include, but are not limited to:

Facial recognition

Event software

Event apps

Audience engagement tech

Virtual & Augmented reality

Event Imprints



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Did you know 65% of all people are visual learners? Talk to us to discuss how we can support you convey your messages through visual and memorable content to engage your audience.

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"Excellent negotiation skills. The team were even better than I thought they would be. The VP has heard so many great things about the meetings. We have received some amazing scores. I have C2 to thank for it!"

- Global Healthcare Client, following Clinical Trials meetings in Europe & US