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C2events Contract Consultancy
Contract Consultancy

Contract consultancy

We review contracts practically every day of our working lives which means that contract consultancy comes as second nature. We can provide pure consultancy services or can act as a disclosed agent or can contracting directly. Either way we can readily interrogate the details of a contract to ensure the terms are optimised in the best interests of our clients.

If it is a hotel for 10 in the UK for 1 night or a hotel for 750 in Europe for five nights or 5 hotels for 150 for 5 nights in the US, we have experience of it all. If it is a unique standalone venue for a meeting for 2,000 or a dinner at a European Palace for 10 we will have encountered it.

Negotiating the best value and price is clearly vital along with any added value aspects that can be achieved but when it comes down to the detail of the contract it is areas such as deposit payment terms and timings, cancellation terms and timings, which items are included and which are not. What might seem like relatively small things if not properly clarified and considered can lead to significant nasty for surprises if not reviewed very carefully with a fine tooth comb. A 4 Euro misunderstanding on a lunch menu as to whether coffee is included can lead to a cost of 15,000 Euros if the event is for 750 over 5 days. A 15 Euro a day Wi-Fi charge if not confirmed as included could lead to a cost of 56,250 Euros on these numbers. Clearly a small investment in contract consultancy can lead to significant savings and even greater amounts of reassurance.