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Delegate Management & Communications

Delegate management & communications

We recognise that ‘delegates’ may be your own highly valued colleagues, your best performing staff or your most important customers or external guests or indeed healthcare professionals. Whoever they are, we never forget their importance to you and the vital role that we can play by delivering exceptional service to ensure they realise how highly valued they are by your organisation.

Every aspect of your event is managed and all communications are geared to ensure the optimum experience for your delegates. We provide a full range of event management services to assist in the management of any event however big or small and wherever in the world it takes place.

We use tried and tested event software which can facilitate the delegate communications and manage event registration for events of over 2,000 delegates to those of just a handful. An event website can be accessed on any device and the registration process can be conducted entirely on a hand held mobile device. Full event details can be accessed at the event itself via a mobile app maximising efficiencies and minimising the need for printed programmes.

We recognise that software and emails are not always the optimum way to communicate for every audience. In certain cases there is a need for a truly personal service where delegates can pick up the phone and speak to someone knowing their request will be met in a highly professional and helpful manner.

Our onsite delivery is such that nothing is too much of a problem for our team. We look after our clients’ delegates with a truly ‘white glove’ service. We anticipate problems before they occur and look to find a solution to every situation. We ensure every detail is taken care of. Our onsite team often build great relationships with delegates to the extent that on successive events they provide that friendly familiar face making delegates feel at home wherever they are in the world.